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Found 3 results

  1. Hey iam looking to buy a used shimano calcutta 251.. iam in the lakeshore and islington area.. i have the cash on hand.
  2. I sent the first gloomis rod I have ever bought( approx 20 years ago) to the gloomis / shimano warranty dept in Peterborough so as to have a broken rod guide replaced. Four days later I received an email notifying me that they were going to replace the rod with the present day equivalent rod style and model. Four days after that email I received an email from the US stating that the rod had been shipped. Yesterday Canpar drove up the drive with my new baby all wrapped up in a tube. Will I buy another gloomis? Nothing but, from here on in. Absolutley Outstanding Customer Service. Thank You.
  3. After catching my first musky 2 years ago I've been Hooked. I splurged on a Calcutta 401D and couldn't be happier. I'm still new to fishing for the toothy critters but I now know why Musky fisherman are so passionate about them. What I'm looking for is advice on line (Mono vs Braid), lbs to use and whether my 6'6" MH simax wizard rod would be okay for now. I like Mono and always will but braid seems more sensible because of its small diameter. I am alright with a baitcaster ( may 1 birds nest every outing 2 Max) but am afraid that if I nest it i'll be chopping off $50 worth of braid. What would be must have baits in the box? Any advice would be great.
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