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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, The Arctic weather continues here, and even with a shelter I am finding it hard to motivate myself to go out but still do just to maintain a socially acceptable level of sanity, anyway....it toughens the nipples which is good for breast feeding. Headed across our lake early yesterday morning to meet with a buddy on his home lake, I was set up and fishing by 9am and got a text at 11 am saying he was too hungover to make it, I texted back to say the fishing up to that point was probably worse than his hangover. It took almost five hours before I landed a fish. It was a tiny laker that had been keeping me company for that whole time and probably decided that since we had known each other for a long time we should meet, kind of like internet dating I guess. After that 1st fish, the lakers turned on, suspended and on the bottom, that lasted an hour and then the Burbot came out in force. I put the Lake Trout back and kept the Burbot, got a nice bag of cod fillets out of the deal, just deciding what to cook with them, not a great fan of the 'poor man's lobster' option (sorry Misfish), but thinking a lemon crusted fillet, steamed in wine on a bed of garlic butter zucchini spaghetti would be better, but that's just me.....lol. 64' FOW again, same spot as the other day. Trout would hit anything, burbot would only hit small acme spoons tipped with a minnow resting on the bottom. The burbot are small but my hungover buddy fishes them at night in March during the spawn, he says he gets much bigger ones....cant wait!
  2. Well, the only open water around here is the Ottawa riv, and with it still being at winter levels (about 10 feet down) it was a nice easy walk to where we suspected we'd find the fish. We fished from 10-1 with salties on the bottom and had a blast reeling in ling one after another while we kept the fire stoked and the mugs full. Was awesome to use a long rod again for the first time in too long and the fish fry tonight will be epic!
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