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  1. here you are http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=bridgenorth+ontar...it+shop+fishing
  2. my boat is a 17 foot aluminum, but my fishing partner(dad) and i definetly have a system going. we never get in each others way. and a friendly remidner at the beginning of the trip goes along way too
  3. thanks everyone, i think i'm gonna try the upper grand first and see what happens
  4. thanks guys, i ordered 2 custom rods, both 8 foot med heavy fast tip 1 for me and 1 for my dad for fathers day both st croix
  5. the 8 footer with allow better fish control, hook set and furthur casts if i am not mistaken. right?
  6. found this guy, RKcustom rods.net off kijiji when i was searching for musky rods.. i'll be picking up a 6'6'' compre this weekend, which i thinik will be suitable for trolling, jerkbaiting, and throwing my large cranks i'm thinking of getting a 7'6'' or so rod made for throw bucktails etc. to put with my c4 reel is this a good idea, what i mean is..is a rod this length suitable for my application? i'm thinking medium heavy with a fast tip so i can realy whip those bucks out there he offers, " tiger eye" " batson" and " st croix" rods and the prices are very reasonable i thought. i could get my name in the rod and everything haha any opinions??
  7. hey trout guys, after my recent attempt to hook into some bigger stream trout i was left with only some fishies as big as my hand. there aren't really big headwater streams around hamilton like there are above toronto though.... should i continue my search futhur up whitemans creek? more towards paris/cambridge way? or go somewhere near credit or bronte? would really like some input thanks
  8. love the brooke trout gag move, real classy nice report, thanks for sharing
  9. it dont matter. its still funny. if i seen you towing in your sentra, i'd probably still laugh
  10. last time i was there in my canoe i landed a nice 40+ inch pike in the back right corner. its alot deeper back there. thats where the mommas hide
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