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  1. Hey there wondering if any of you here have ever ice fished Mississippi lake at grasshopper point before. Was out there this afternoon and not a bite, we followed the fishing huts and drilled close to them. But nothin. Not sure if any of you fished there before or have any tips on what to do as this was my first time out there. Thanks
  2. Well thanks all. Um i am wondering why i have to have an expensive Baitcaster to use braid. What are the reasons. Thanks.
  3. Ok thanks guys any of you ever used spiderwire. And also do any of you put mono backing to save money on braid. Thanks
  4. I am going to be putting the line on a baitcaster and I will be fishing for bass.I'm know I want 50lb but any brands or types of line in particular. Thanks
  5. Hello there I am wondering how to choose the type of braided fishing line. I want 50lb test braided line. But i know that there are different types of braided line. There is a kind of line that is fluorocarbon coated and it is suppose to be stiffer than braid that does not have this. So overall i am just wondering how to choose this. Please tell me what kind of braided line that you use. Thank you
  6. Thanks I will do some more research.
  7. Well thanks Colin519 I have till spring to think about it. Thanks
  8. Ok thanks I will try that. Thanks
  9. Yes Ohio Fisherman that is what i primarily fish is Sencos and trick worms and a few tubes here and there never fished a lizard before but have Texas rigged some craws and stuff like that. Thanks
  10. Ok Thanks Lape0019 Yes i have fished at the town launch there before. I have found one good spot at a public launch at the other side of the lake. The directions to get there are this: You driving towards Perth on highway 7 turn of onto Con Rd 9A there is a public ramp there to fish from great spot. If anyone else knows a good spot for shore fishing and wants to help me it would be much appreciated as i am a beginner and do not know a lot about the lake.
  11. Thanks Um i don't mean ice fishing but i would love some info on any hot spots someone knows of that i can fish from the bank. P.s I bass fish. Thanks
  12. Hey there has anyone here fished Mississippi Lake. If so i would love to hear about it as i live 2 minutes from it. I am a beginner fisherman and would love to hear any advice on fishing there. Thanks
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