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  1. Just saw this thread...1972 Ford Pinto. Bought it it off a mechanic who made some engine modifications, changed the carburetor and basically made it one fast little pinto. When I purchased it looked great, ran fast and sounded like a small plane coming down the road. That lasted all of one year then the rust started eating the car, the engine modifications made it difficult to maintain and lost about a 3rd of the horsepower, electrical started to act up. Finally no tears were lost when I saw the backend of the car as it was being towed to the scrap yard 2 years later. 😝 What a money pit.
  2. Beautiful sunset on the French River, the deep colour is partially caused by the smoke from last years forest fires. (Parry Sound 33)
  3. Would love to have uploaded a picture but my image files are too large hopefully you will be able to view the image through this link. https://fiege.ca/#/countrychurches/
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