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  1. Good info guys, thank-you. And thanks for the offer bassman, I'll keep that in mind. My girlfriend has dibs right now, haha.
  2. I figured that ? I used to fish a long time ago so I am familiar with different fishing seasons depending on the fish and limits etc. I always had a conservation license because I catch-and-release. I actually didn't know there were limits on crappie. Thanks for the tip - I know it's important to always be in compliance.
  3. Thanks, guys - appreciate the really quick reply. I'll check out all of your suggestions. ?
  4. Hi everyone, First post on the site. I haven't been fishing much at all over the last decade and live in the GTA. This year I'd like to change that and get out - drive up north somewhere on a weekend, rent a boat and get out on the water. The last lake I fished was Lake Dalrymple, just east of Orillia. Bass and pike would probably be what I'd be interested in fishing most or even small fish like crappie or perch would be nice too. I don't have any experience with walleye. Can someone recommend any spots within 2-3 hours of the GTA that have boat rentals and perhaps a place to stay overnight too? Thanks and happy fishing!
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