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  1. Me again, I was just thinking of what line to put on my Mitchell 4450 pike reel. When i get back to cottage just off the boat i usually throw out a pike line with slip bobber while i have a beverage.I put flourocarbon line on the reel. The only problem is after consuming my beverage and going to recast the flourocarbon line has sunk to the bottom and most times tangles on something. Question? Would it be smarter to put a cheaper and more bouyant backer line on, then tie on say 25ft or so of flourocarbon? i love the floro because fish cant see it. Any thoughts
  2. Gentle people of the forum, I just found my old dads Garcia Mitchell 300A with single red gasket and what vintage rod i could pair it with. I mainly fish for walleye either jigging or casting so something with medium action and fast taper. Ant Ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Mel
  3. Met Red Fisher at Agricultural fair in To yrs ago bought his book of poems had him even autograph it for me. Those were the days listening talking about drinking with Ted {the splendid splinter} up at Scuttle But Lodge lol
  4. Just a litlle off topic, Bought a new Glass cell batt. Hooked up to 1990 60 hp merc {still throwing out 118 psi } and fishfinder saying it was putting out too many volts so i had to run boat in day with lights and everything elec on' Went back to Nautilus lead cell and no more high voltage problem . The leadcell must absorb some of the voltage from trickle charge. No alt on older Mercs Some things you just cant change
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