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  1. David... It was a pleasure chatting with you today.. Great day at the show as every year.. Wish I had known about the seminars beforehand, really need to learn more on Garmin's Panoptix.. So looking forward installing/running all my new Garmin gear on the boat this year.. Thanks for all your knowledge and tips.. Bill
  2. Thanks... I've seen this... Spoke with Garmin, they sent me a list of their graphs and which US2 cable is required for each model..
  3. I just purchased my 1st Garmin. It's the EchoMap 95sv plus which will go on my console I'm looking for a simple Garmin graph to pair up with my Terrrova US2 transducer. I really only need 2d sonar for now.. I'm just not sure which will be compatible and which cord I'll need to pair it up... Any help will be much appreciated.. Thanks
  4. Sweet looking fish... Congrats.
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  6. Wish I could help... I'm booked with Floyd's Sunday morning... Haven't been out with them in a long long time.. We booked a 6 man hut on the laker grounds... Hoping for a fun day... Good Luck..
  7. Well, decided to go with neither of the Garmin units... I had (don't remember having it) a Lowrance 4 HDI.. it's a newer unit i picked up off of Kijiji... So I ended up picking up the Lowrance portable pack , put the 4 HDI in there.. Works great here at home.. We'll see how it does on the water this weekend...
  8. The units are much closer to what I said before,.. When you add the upgraded ice ducer to the Striker 4, it's almost the same price as the Striker 5CV that already comes with the upgraded Ice ducer... Striker 4 portable 199.99 + 169.99 for the W8GT Ice ducer + 42.00 shipping Striker 5 portable 399.00 + 38.00 shipping Not mentioning where, but this is what I have found.. Yes, in Canadian funds
  9. Hey all, Need some advice as I'm trying to get back into doing a little ice fishing... I've come across a couple good deals on the Garmin Striker 4 portable and the Garmin 5cv plus portable... They are from what I've been reading are great little units for the ice.. They have great reviews.. The striker 4 come complete, but they recommend upgrading the ice ducer to the G8 or GT15.. something like that.. Where the Garmin 5vc already comes with the upgraded ice ducer.. When you add it all up, the 5CV costs to about 40-60 dollars more depending on who you buy it from.. So , Which do I choose and why ?? I'm leaning on the Striker 4... Thanks in advance. Tiz
  10. Ok... just picked up my new tires and rims... Went with the radials.. They look great.. can't wait to put them on the boat.. Now... Is it better to store them in the garage, or in my basement where it's warm ??? I saw another post on storing tires but these are trailer tires and won't be put on till April... Thanks, Tiz
  11. Thanks... It seems to be a nice boat.. Owning Princecraft boats for most of my life, I sold my Pro 177 bass boat this past August and this came up.. I was originally looking at a Lund Impact, but it sold before I could get out to see it.. I opted out for a full windshield this time around.. At 53, I'm not getting any younger and my wife is happy with the boat as she will be protected from the wind on those cool mornings.. My first 4 stroke motor too.. Never have been a big fan of them, but I was very impressed with my nephews 90 Merc 4 stroke while out in his boat this fall.. So quiet, shifted so smooth.. Time will tell... I'm rigging it up the way I want in the spring with a Terrova and some new electronics.. Can't wait... I ordered the radial tires from Jenson Trailers on Friday.. Thanks for all the input everyone.. Very much appreciated !!!!
  12. Thanks... just bought it in October... Excited to get it in the water next year...
  13. Went to Jensen Trailers in Oshawa.. They offered me Kendall in a bias ply and Velocity in the radial.. Not sure of any of these brands. Anybody hear of them ??
  14. Hey there everyone... In need of some advice from anyone who has changed over from Bias Ply to radial tires on their boat trailer... I've come across some nice aluminum rims for my trailer and looking to put some tires on them.. I currently have ST185 13D (Load range C Bias Ply) on the factory rims from Shorelander.. Should I go with the same type of tire for my new wheels or go Radial.. The radial will be the same size 8 ply.. I'm concerned about the sidewalls and whether the radials will give me a good tire life.. Anyone swapped over to radials ?? If so, how have they been for you ?? I'm just not sure about the radial tires.. Even though they are cheaper..
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