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Found 4 results

  1. I've had this idea in my head now for some time and finally set my feet on the path to making it a reality last weekend. It's not like anything I've seen in the rod building world thus far and I'm hoping there's a market for it. Yes it's somewhat blingy for sure but not too gaudy in my opinion. I've shown it here on a mock up handle loosely assembled on a length of all thread. Your thought's welcomed. Thanks for looking.
  2. A few rods on the go..... The good, a custom Sage Float Rod donation build with the proceeds of the raffle going to the LHFC, to support their hatchery program. http://www.lakehuronfishingclub.com/ The bad, a rod that after several days of fussing with the wood components of the fore grip I've decided to scrap it and start again.
  3. So, I've made my own lures, tied my own flies, I think the next logical step is to build my own rods. For those that have done it, what are the basics that a rookie builder should have before getting started
  4. Hey OFC, It's been a while! I'm still reading the forums, but haven't been posting too much. I have however been busy adding to my already ridiculous collection of custom rods, as well as turning out a few here and there for others. It might take a while, but I'm going to start uploading pictures to this thread of the last 5 or 6 builds. If there's interest I'll keep posting! It would be great if any other builders out there wanted to share some pictures & stories as well, so feel free to chime in. First up: Blank: Batson Enterprises RX7 Switch 10'6" 8wt Guides: ATC Titanium frame w/Zirconium Ring Accent Wood: Custom Stabilized & Turned Birdseye Maple Hardware: Batson 8.5 Shiny Gunsmoke The wood came out the stabilizer looking like this: After some convincing, it turned into this: And the finished product... On deck is a 9', 9wt, electric blue theme Atlantic Salmon stick for a fishing buddy! Cheers, Braden
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