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Found 4 results

  1. I almost made this a Top 5 thing I wish I knew before my first trip but as I got to writing it I realized (like most things) I have learned something on almost every trip What to pack, what not to pack, what to plan for an so forth https://www.northernjacks.com/post/top-5-list-things-i-wish-i-knew-ahead-of-my-fishing-trips Hope you enjoy Andrew
  2. Final bog post about planning a perfect trip is up We have done a few types of trips and they can get expensive Final post focuses on how we decide on the outfitter, checking references, asking questions, communications etc https://www.northernjacks.com/post/making-the-final-choice-trip-planning-part-4 Hope you enjoy and hope (if you read them) the posts help you plan your own trip My group has booked Miniss Lake with Slate Falls Outposts for August 2020 - flying commercial to T Bay (using points!) for the first time and driving from there to Slate Falls Cheers Andrew
  3. As mentioned in an earlier post Over the past 20 years I have been a part of and in some cases organized a bunch of different trips - mainly fishing (some golfing but that's off topic) Cabin rental in the Kawarthas, Boat in lodge, backcountry camping and I even lucked out and got taken on a deluxe fly in lodge adventure Pretty sure most of my trips are on this site as a trip report to boot. My most recent blog posts lays out some of the pros/cons IMO for the different types of trips I have done www.northernjacks.com Cheers Andrew
  4. I will be the first to admit that I am not a walleye specialist and definitely not an expert Over a bunch of trips i have gotten to a place where I have 5 confidence baits that I would be pretty comfortable as my only lures (caveat would want different colors and backups lol) This is a far cry for our first trips where we brought everything but the kitchen sink Blog is up now at northernjacks.com Cheers Andrew
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