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Found 1 result

  1. My fishing partner and I headed out for Laker opener yesterday with hopes of hooking up a couple. Getting to the launch we set up and backed in the boat. I'll rewind to last fall where I went to go late fall muskie fishing but the steering cable on the 115 Etec snapped before getting the day going. Off to the marina I went and by all accounts they had it fixed and ready to go for this spring. Being that yesterday was my first outing of the year, I had not tested the steering yet. Ok, back to yesterday. I hopped into the boat and started it up and threw it into gear and started backing away from the dock when I immediately knew something was wrong!!!! After a couple minutes I realized they hooked up the cable backwards, when I turn the wheel to the right, the boat turns to the left, when turning wheel to the left the boat turns to the right. What the......????? Although it was tricky and awkward, we went on anyways as it was a 1.5 hr drive to get there. Soon into the day one of the rods on the downrigger went off and I handed the rod to Matt, yes we are both Matts lol. He fought what looked like a very decent fish for a couple minutes but it spit the hook. Not long after I hooked up on this nice natural 4.5 lb laker We switched over to jigging and immediately were into fish with me losing one and having a nice smash on my jig. Matt then hooked up this nice sub 4 lb natural laker. One more at under 2 lbs that went back and we called it a day. It was smoking hot on the water and I had forgot my hat....ugh..won't do that again. Great day of fishing but off to the marina tomorrow to get the steering cable fixed.
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