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  1. Appreciate the feedback. What's a certified copy and how to attain that? I'm calling OMVIC again shortly.
  2. Hey Snidley, Here's a e-mail conversation I had with my salesperson 2 years after I bought the van. I was still led into getting al my money back. He also lied to me and said the warranty was through Chrysler Canada. Me: "Ok, then one of my questions is: Is my extended warranty through Chrysler Canada or through a thrid party company? I want to read all the fine prints about the promise I got from you for getting all your money back if there's no warranty work between the standard and extended warranty. I'm hearing more stories of people not getting their money back and I'm not a fan of this possible situation." Salesperson: The warranty is indeed through Chrysler Canada. The only case that you wouldn’t get the money back would be if you used the warranty during the 4th or 5th year. Just be sure to come and see me before the warranty is up and I can make sure that you qualify for it. Me: So quick recap. Here is the Basic warranties below, and my extended warranties everything for 6 years? SO, bumps up basic by 3 years, and powertrain by 1 year. I may use the warranty as needed until may 1st 2017 / 60000 km for all my basic stuff, and until May 1st 2019 / 100000km for powertrain And this will not affect anything on the refund part. If for any reason what so ever I use the warranty between May 1st 2017 and May 1st 2020 for basic, or between May 1st 2019 May 1st 2020, That will void any refunds what so ever? Make sense? Sorry, just need to confirm because it would be very misleading if I don't use the warranty throughout these years and don't get my money back. Salesperson: That is correct. As long you as you don’t use the warranty during the “Extended” portion. Keep in mind, something as simple as a light bulb or a loaner/rental vehicle could case you to lose the money back portion. But like I said, please make sure to come and see me right before the warranty is due. I can help make sure everything is done correctly. I made sure at my damn best to make sure I did everything right to get my money back....... And they still deny it, but based on assumptions! I'm stumped.
  3. I only own the Town and Country, as it unfortunately was the perfect fit for the family. GMC Sierra 2500HD is my real vehicule! 😉
  4. Sorry....didn't want to bring back these "good" memories!!! 😞
  5. I'm just so bummed out as well. I bought the extended warranty as an "insurance" also. I'm very mechanically inclined and can do any work on a vehicule, but with the first time ever buying a brand new vehicule, I didn't want to screw around on thousands of dollars worth of work if the motor or transmission went to hell. Therefore, the promise to get all my money back if I don't use it in the extended part was a no-brainer for me; So I thought!! Even 5 years in, my oil filter housing started leaking oil, and because I had only about 1 year to go to get my 4000$ back, I decided to take the top of my motor apart to get to the oil filter housing and spend my time and money to fix myself; It was easy, but I only did it because I had 4000$ coming my way shortly! If anything major would've happened in the next year...it is what it is at that point, and I wouldn't been out the 500$. I understood all my cards and how I was playing them. That's right! you read it right....I am getting soaked for 4000$!!!!! All paperwork was sent within the first 60 days. XWRP replies saying the dealership letter needs to come from the selling dealer. So I contact them, get it and send it out. Then they reply I need to provide maintenance records of at least 1 oil change per year!!! Now this pissed me off because when the warranty was sold to me, I made sure with the salesperson that I can do all my own oil changes and he assured that it's all good and it wouldn't make no difference!! Luckily I was able to prove at least 2 oil changes per year with all the paperwork recorded in my maintenance book. Then I got the denial letter comes in as I expected at this point because, to me, it was obvious they were just rolling down the script and trying to find the next possible thing I probably wasn't able to provide and claim that as a denial! This denial letter states I had passed the alloted kilometers throughout my contract, which was 120000km at the end of april. This is the interesting part; My last oil change was mi-may, which I jotted down the 126000km I had then.....BUT this does not prove in any way what I had kilometer wise at the end of april; Nor I or do they know at this point! So I'm getting denied on something that no one could prove at the time the denial letter was sent. If that was an item that was enough to deny a claim, wouldn't they want me to go get a dealership record on file with my kilometers on it...... Right now, I'm going to see where all this goes with the dealership, but having every single piece of paperwork, e-mail, phone conversation log and everything else in between since april 2014, and this ridiculous denial letter, I'm not far from going to small claims and see what happens. Everytime I went to the mailbox since april 2020, I was 100% sure I had a cheque waiting for me, but then I open the letters from XWRP and am completely chocked at the responses with a gut wrenching feeling every single time!!! All this to say, if anyone has any tips for me along my journey....feel free to contact me privately please, I would truly appreciate it!!! Cheers to you all and hopefully we can help others going forward to understand what they're in for if they sign that paperwork with the expectations that were promised to us!
  6. I'm going through this exact same issue right now. XWRP has everything they need, and I got denied and won't get my money back as well. I've contacted OMVIC at this point and they told me to connect with the dealerships' manager and see if they can do something. If not, I will proceed with small claims court because I have every single e-mail, phone call and documentation since 2014 and will try my damn best to get my money back as I should've without having to fight for it1!!!
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