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  1. That is nicer but a couple of big Chub is a good alternative
  2. Chub, I have caught some big ones 9 inches to one foot there. A couple big ones make a nice meal
  3. Thanks for the info. Will Smallies go for mealworms. I catch Trout and Chubb like mad with them
  4. Has anyone ever fished the Grand River on Highway 9 in Grand Valley? I fished it once in late April and nothing but a couple of bites from minnows.
  5. Went fishing on Etobicoke Creek in Brampton behind the plaza on North East corner of Hurontario and Steeles. Caught some really nice big Chubb, River is clear and lots of fish. Great place for taking kids or beginners or anglers who want to fish locally. Use mealworms and you will get lots of bites and catches. Going back there on Sunday with my daughter. Trout should be there in a coupe of weeks
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