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  1. All the sudden my pin isn't spinning that smoothly anymore and making a little bit of noise. It would be great if you can't tell me whats wrong.
  2. I've been hearing alot about the Montgomery rapids on the nottawasaga river were are they?
  3. Just wondering if there's any good spots in the gta for smallies.
  4. Just wondering if there is any fish in etobicoke creek I've heard rumours that's there's rainbows there.
  5. Hello OFC so I've been fishing by myself for a long time now. I'd like a fishing buddy here in the gta. I'm only 14 so of course there is the issue of pedophilia and what not. I've heard of a group of kids my age who pin and fly fish the credit. Thanks a buddy would be great
  6. Ha that's pretty funny I'm young so I can probably get away with it
  7. Ok so as you probably know the annual salmon run is coming up in a couple of months. I'd love to try them on a fly rod. I'm just wondering about what flies would you use here on the credit river. Also would it be ok to tackle them on a 8 weight or should I go heavier
  8. Hello OFC so I've been hearing a lot about carp fly fishing and before the salmon run starts I'd like to get some carp fly fishing in. It would be amazing if you can tell me some local spots.
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