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  1. Cannot wait til spring, The hard water is fun But I would like to put the princecraft in the water Damn It!!!!LOL

  2. work always seem to get in the way of my fishing!!!

  3. Hopefully going to do some hard water fishing this weekend!!!

    1. ketchenany


      Keep it up Paul. At a store last night I saw two guys drop about $60 on smokes! That's one good reason to leave them! Health is the other better reason.

    2. Walleye Guy

      Walleye Guy

      Sorry ketchenany , I'm not Paul you have the wrong person


  4. looking to meet some friends who enjoy fishing as much as I do.

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    2. Walleye Guy

      Walleye Guy

      Just new to this site, trying to figure out how to navigate around it.? any advice?

    3. Christopheraaron


      You'll learn, go to general discussion and make a topic bout yourself, what you like to fish fore, where you like to fish etc... You may also want to join the tournament to get to know some members :)

    4. Walleye Guy

      Walleye Guy

      Thanks Christopher, I appreciate the advice. I will attempt it..lol


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