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  1. Oops I honestly just typed that as it was in my head. Old habits die hard!!! My mates in the UK used to say I spoke Scanadian. I used to say stuff like "It wisnae me ehhh" never did lose the ehhh though I was suprised when you told me I was speaking a bit of Scottish in the boat cuz I "didnae" even realize I was doing it
  2. Yes sir!! Not bad ehh? I didnae ken it would have taken such clear photos when I bought it. can do video as well I'll need to try that on Sun!!!
  3. It was really was a very nice afternoon out. Heres a shot literally mins before the feast!!! Although the fry was outstanding I still liked catching them more
  4. Once again I have to thank Simon for getting me out. Not only for the fishing but for the fry up afterwards. It was really good. I also enjoyed Jacks chatter after the day on the water as well
  5. Ya go ahead and rub it in. You were and I was working !!! Nice sized crappie.
  6. I was amazed to find fly fishing wasnt that popular up here. Well I love it especially for warnwater species. Im also looking forward to fishing the dry fly for whitefish when the hex hatch starts up here. Im hoping once simon sees the poppers in action that he will give it a go. All this stuff about it being an art blah blah blah. Its just another kind of good old fishing. A few photos of the new rod you asked.... 9' 4pc CTS 8wt. Casts perfectly with a 330 grain short head line. Grip is made from stabilized black ash burl, corian black and white trim rings and birchbark in the middle. The winding check turned from the leftove grip material Guides are finished with a very thin urethane coating to stay away from any bulk. Hopefully you can see how slim all the guide wraps are. I like that on a fly rod So there ya go theres my new rod i broke in in NW Ontario. I think this rods in for a workout!!!
  7. I really appreciate you getting me out on Sun Simon. I was happy enough just sitting in the boat, so getting a couple nice smallies was just a bonus. A great way to break in the new rod. After seeing how many hammer handles there are up here I will have to do OT on tying up clousers. I cant wait for it to warm up so the poppers will start producing, thats my favorite. I love it up here, loads of fishing opportunities and a lot of very nice people. Thanks again Simon for going out of your way and getting me out on the water. Ta the noo (bye for now)
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