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  1. I was just wondering if anyone had the experience in partaking in a guided hunt with St Laurence outfitters in the past. We were trying to arrange a hunt as on the web site there is a email form to fill out as I did with description and date…..all what I got back was sorry can’t help you! I called 3 times and politely left a detailed message to contact me back to further disuse any other opening that might be available?.....not even the curticy to call back??? I feel that with all the shows and hype they can be bothered to even return a call unless the person is booking for 3 days in the thousands of $$$ Won’t be dealing with them again……disappointed Paul
  2. I hope he can shed some light to this issue!! Thanks every one for your efforts Twister
  3. Yes it was Nipissing.............Bon Appetit
  4. It just does not look like what I posted does it?
  5. Thats where the Herring/Cisco came from but would really like to know what exactly it is named.....Tks
  6. I would have to agree with Fisherman as it was exactly 1"in in lenght if that helps the cause!
  7. Hey Roy,it was in the fillets(Meat)*
  8. Hey guys just very curious to know what the heck is this parisite found in some Herring as I have not seen this before? I can't find anything close to this in some of the fresh water game fish sites on the net. What do you think! Twister
  9. I to was trying to get on it this morning.....Nothing? Cprince works in my building as I will ask him whats up as he sould know! Get back to ya later with report. Mr Twister
  10. I just picked up a HotMaps regualr chip at Lebaron's Ottawa for $180!!! Is your pricing correct? Thanks
  11. has not set their status

  12. Great picks of some nice Largies!! Thanks
  13. I am heading out for a visit later this summer and did not want to bring the boat all the way down to Chatham and would still like to get out and do some smallie action either on Erie or St.Claire? Could you point me to a reputable guide out that way. Thanks and good fishing!! Pauly
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