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  1. Hi Iggy, They are boat in properties. The lot sizes and all information is located in this file. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JoEOmYL5t82kz6rQIu8Fhy8oeYToW2u6?usp=sharing Lot 2 : 3083 square meters $495,000 plus GST and QST Lot 3: 1544 meters squared $250,000 plus GST and QST Lot 4: 2209 square meters $270,000 plus GST and QST The cottages are currently wired to a big generator that runs the whole lodge, but will be disconnected and you can connect to your own generator or install a solar system. Lot 2 is solar powered already. Each cabin has a small septic system. With flush toilets. Lot 2 all the cabins have showers. Lot 3, one cabin has a shower. Lot 4 one has a shower in it and the other has a separate shower house. [email protected] is my contact info.
  2. Thanks for sharing your Kipawa experiences. We have operated Alwaki for 22 years now and tried to sell as a lodge for 2 years. We would have loved to pass it on as a lodge, but unfortunately it is a tough business to sell. Running a lodge is a lifestyle and not many people are up to the challenge. It is still for sale as a lodge too. But I am assuming the lots will sell off first.
  3. I have 3 lots for sale on Lake Kipawa. Amazing walleye fishing right at your doorstep. Each lot has 2-3 cabins on it so you can share with a friend and each have a cottage. Lot 2 - has 3 cottages. $495,000 Lot 3 - has 2 cottages $250,000 Lot 4 - has 2 cottages $270,000 More information is in this google doc. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JoEOmYL5t82kz6rQIu8Fhy8oeYToW2u6?usp=sharing
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