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  1. Thanks for all of the welcomes! Sorry for posting in the wrong section!
  2. Hi folks, my name is Derek Fike and I am new to the forum. AKRISONER invited me to join. I am a sponsor on the Bass Boat Central forum and I sell tungsten bass weights, jigs, ned jigs, etc on my website www.heavymetalfishing.com. He is the first customer I have had from Canada, but said my pricing was much better than the offerings you currently have. Anyways, I wanted to join and let everyone know that I am willing to ship to Canada and the shipping charges are exactly what is charged by the post office. I do not try to make money on shipping. I am excited to look around your forum and see all the great fishing pictures on the beautiful natural lakes you all have! I have been a big fan of Ontario fishing ever since I started watching Xtreme Angler TV four or five years ago hosted by Karl Kalonka. The lakes are just amazing.
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