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  1. any body want to join me.i will be going Sunday morning.weather also looks good.
  2. Guys i am looking for anybody with experience who can join me salmon fishing on coming Sunday or Monday so that i can learn something and catch and have fun.It would be my first time this year on LO as i live near Ottawa. I am newbie on LO fishing.Went only few times.I will be launching boat from Bluffers Park. I have 17.5" Doral Deep V with 2 electric downrigger,GPS/Sonar,lots of tackles . If some1 wana join me pm me with your phone#.
  3. guys can some1 tell me anything about buying flooded boat.how bad does it goes when it sinks.does it burn all wiring's.i am sure motor is fried once it sinks in water.there is some good deals on good boat.would be interested in buying flooded boat and putting on new motor if it works.can some1 pls give your thought on this topic.thx
  4. Guys some1 confirm if season for chinnok & Coho salmon ends sep 30.i mean fishing north of C.N.R in ZONE 17 in creeks.Most of the creeks has all year season from C.N.R to Lake ON.I checked reg book and it says about pacific salmon only.so can some1 please confirm.thank you idesign
  5. Guys does any1 know if salmon has started their run in the creeks. Pls let me know if you know.Thank you idesign
  6. Guys there is some good deals on braided line on eBay.not name brand but China made. They have 60LB Braided 1000M spool for $40shipped.Looks like good deal to me.Can some1 look and check it out and let me know if it is good.Thank you Here is the link to eBay seller. http://shop.ebay.com/lphookup/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562
  7. i have seen that.just confirming.Usually it is last sat of Apr but this time there is 5 sat in Apr.Just got little confused
  8. Guys just confirming the trout open season is 4th sat of Apr which will be Apr 23.Can some1 confirm this is the date the season is open.thx
  9. Thank you very much guys for replying.I have decided to keep my kicker.I will also buy electric motor for moving around while fishing in small lake. Can some1 tell me how many pd thrust motor should i buy for my boat.pls let me know.Thank You
  10. Guys i want to buy electric trolling motor for my boat.My boat is 17foot Doral fiberglass with OMC 3lt inboard.I currently have Honda 9.9 4 stroke kicker.But i dont really use that much .i want to sell that and get electric trolling motor.I just want motor for safety incase my main motor fails while in lake. so can some1 tell me which motor to buy as i have no knowledge of electric trolling motor. thank you idesign
  11. I will try tomorrow to get better pictures.this tracks recently started showing up from last week.we never had that track before.BTW,we also left some frozen meat outside in box last week and half was gone.looks like something is coming to eat .note this is farming area.i will get back with new pic tomorrow morning.thx for reply
  12. Can some1 indentify this foot print we saw on our lawn.Our property is located in Brinston, ON.There is lots of long tracks on our lawn.There is lots of deer in our area but this foot doesn't look it deer's.There is lots of crap on the lawn little far from this prints.I will post the picture tomorrow for you guys to identify.Pls let me know.Thank you
  13. I have got GMC W3500 turbo diesel cube van.It has speed limiter.The max i can go i 110 KM/H.Is there any way to disable it.The reason is i travel from Toronto to Ottawa.And it is so annoying.When i go little uphill the speed decreases to about 80 KM/H.The tractor trailers goes more faster then me.I don't want to speed but when i am going uphill i want to maintain my speed.I cannot even over take any body.Tractor trailer over takes me.I talked to some1 and he said speed limiter is set in transmission computer.You need some kind of programmer to re programme that.So does any1 know any way and can tell me where i can get rid of this problem.Pls let me know.thank you
  14. Is there any member who is GM mechanic.I have question about my GMC W3500 Turbo Diesel cube van.Please let me know or PM me if ur1.Thank you
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