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  1. Salmon fishing was on fire again this weekend ...going 14 for 17 soon as i have time i will post some pics
  2. Yes we eat smaller fish nothing over 10 lbs they are awesome in the smoker ...
  3. Thanks Ohio...love getting into the fish on the shake down test back out all weekend more report coming
  4. What a awesome day for a shake down on the boat after a long winter away in Costa Rica catching marlin and sailfish ...now back to Lake Ontario fishing the Silver Kings ....me friends and family started the morning off Port Weller in 55 fow not seeing any fish thought about doing a move and the wire dipsy fires with a 17 lber turned around and the other dips fires with Shark Spoons ...said ok lets stay here ended the beauty day with 8 for 10 kings a bow laker and a coho ...time to fire the smoker ...Fishmaster Also lots of Big Cats being caught Lower Grand River in Dunnville
  5. Much prefer the Salt Water life ...and not looking at the soggy ice winter after winter ...lakes wide open should go out this year ...
  6. Well the fishing has finally starting to get Hot the Tuna have been on Fire and now the sailfish are showing up in big number here are a few Warm Weather Fishing Porn Pics from Pacific Coast Costa Rica And i Got to get a few Tuna for my freezer Yummy Yellow Fin
  7. Sorry for no report guys been a very busy season for me with the Marina and doing charters but here it is ...Been a awesome few days fishing off Dunnville from 65 to 110 row straight out seems the fish are spread all over ...best rigs have been Big Dipsys 185 back on a 2 setting Copper Muffin willow blades and Small Dipsys back 85 105 and 220 off the boards anything copper with Yek blades ... long leads from your dipsy to the harness 6 ft or more . get out and enjoy before they are gone Fishmaster
  8. The fishing has been on Fire with our boat landing 2 Blue Marlin 400 to 500lbs and over 70 Sailfish in the past couple weeks our best day 17 sailfish and 1 blue marlin ...alos the bottom fishing Grouper ans Jack Gravel has been wicked ...the big tourney just got finished with 1744 Billfish caught on 44 boats in 3 days now thats just awesome fishing ...Costa Rica has won the best Bill fishing spot in the world now 2 years in a row ...if you plan on getting away from the snow and cold weather look us up thanks Steve aka Fishmasters Sportfishing Costa Rica
  9. I live in Jaco my boat is 40 min away in Quepos
  10. Yes it has Twin Cats 3126 cruises around 25 Knots max of 28 ...im out daily and never use sun screen might be crazy but not sure i like putting that crap into my poors ....Locnar where did ya fish outa in costa rica ...more reports coming soon today was my 1st day off in 2 months Have a Happy New year everyone from Costa Rica
  11. Fishing has been hot for us in Costa Rica from Quepos and the water has been flat calm daily 42 miles off shore yesterday was the ticket all fish caught and released on circle hooks and Ballyhoo shark cannon balls raised alote of fish over the past few day ...if ya havent been to Costa Rica come check it out its beautiful and the fishing is Awesome
  12. Looks like your off Dunnville Aaron good report ...im now back to doing walleye charters its not salmon but still fun ...
  13. Sorry for the lack of reports this summer Friends ive had a very busy season on the water and with my Sick Mother... fishin has been good other wise off St Catherines & the Niagara Bar in 180 to 300 fow deepest king came down 225 the other day running meat and ITO Flies and also my Shark 20 lb Cannon balls are helping me to get to these deep water Kings ...more reports coming soon after the $40000 King Of Kings Tight Line Shoot Out ...get out and enjoy Fishmaster
  14. Well my group had a awesome weekend Salmon fishing Jordan to the Niagara spoons flashers flies and even cut bait was rocking the fish finished in 4th place just outa some money ...get out and enjoy ...Fishmaster
  15. Was a great weekend to get the boat back in the water for the KOTL finished day 1 with 1st place and big fish Friday 3 rd place but crashed day 2 with a broken starter on my port engine ended up in 14th ...we boated over 100 Trout Salmon Browns Rainbows and Cohos in the 3 days and took home Close to $3000 in Cash and prizes what a great start to 2014 here are a few pictures
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