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Sliming of the new boat going nicely.


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Hi all,

with the laborious initial 2hr break in under the belt it did not take long to get the next 8hrs on the new Merc. The sliming got better the last few days as I hit up the trout lake at our local Provincial Park where we have been tent camping the last couple of nights. The lake trout have been fussy but got a few, the bass have also been fussy, but got a few, and the walleye have been fussy as well…. sigh… but have had 3x26”, 1x 28” and a chunky 29”er with a couple small ones thrown in during two crack of dawn sessions. IMG_1581.jpeg.1dca90b6d3d3b77d63ba9d86412168ac.jpegIMG_1584.jpeg.8bc7ca78bd58d5959b1ced0e98f3f6fe.jpegIMG_1583.jpeg.b0bdb5441d3eca7db192497dd4e1714c.jpeg

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28 minutes ago, glen said:

Beauty pics.  
let’s hear the new boat details. 

My new boat. It’s a 2024 Crestliner Hawk 1750 with a Mercury Pro XS 115. The ‘Hawk’ is a new model for this year, it lies between the ‘Vision’ series and the ‘Fish Hawks’. The real difference between the Hawk and Fish Hawk 1750s is the the 88” and 96” respective beam widths, my Hawk maxes out at 115hp and the Fish Hawk 150hp. Price was a factor in my decision but the smaller hawk has some advantages over the larger Fish Hawk, fuel consumption with not much top end speed given up and also I can store 5 x 9’ rods( musky 😊) where the fish hawk doesn’t. I got a side console which gives me a lot of room and it’s pretty stable with even 4 adults in it. I heard a lot about Crestliner being a ‘wet’ ride but I find if you trim up as much as possible it just skips along in a brisk 25kmh wind/waves. Top speed I have so far is just over 40mph, I have managed that with 3 adults and by myself with about the same amount of fuel and gear, it’ll do me as gas consumption is way better( almost equal to my old 50hp) in the 4000 to 4500 range rather than pinning it, it is fun to do once in a while though. My only real complaint is the expensive galvanised trailer it came with, the length of the tongue does not allow for any sort of rock guard to be attached… and I bought one for north of $1000 and looks like I can’t use it 😡, I’ll sell my old trailer and this new one and should be able to get another one that fits my needs. It’s all my old electronics and trolling motor, definitely room for upgrades there, but after this expense I’m broke… lol, and I’ll make do. My old Ulterra 80lb thrust has more than enough power, it might come up a bit short when it’s really gnarly as it is a 60” shaft, next one will be a 72”. The Bose stereo kicks a$$ and while I prefer the sounds or lack of in nature, every now and again it’s fun to pump tunes at 40mph. Auto bilge, recirc livewell, front baitwell, cool track system for mounting accessories etc. the jump seats are really cool and have storage underneath them and make it possible to do away with any seats with passengers. really adding to the overall space in the boat. I have some repeat customers next week who are used to trying to cast musky in my old boat…. They are in for a treat this year… now if I can just put them on fish… lol.

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24 minutes ago, RickOnt said:

Very nice new boat!!

Nothing wrong with a 29" Pickerel

Just stitched together the video of my two early morning walleye raids from the weekend, uploading to Ytube as I type, will post this morning. Oh, and thanks for your help and suggestions for mounting my GPS puck.

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