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Dumoine fishing trip


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Another great trip to 10 Mile Lodge

It poured rain the day before we left to go up and the road was as bad as I've ever seen it, but while we were there it never rained at all. The winds were up so we had to pick and choose our spots. Like normal the fishing would turn on for an hour and then suddenly turn off. We caught about  300 walleye, nothing big, biggest was just over three pounds but lots in the 1.5 to 2 lbs range. No Pike thank goodness,  did I tell you I HATE Pike! Lots of fun, no bugs except on the way up. The deer flies were horrendous but at camp there were none, just a few mosquitoes in the evening but not a big issue. Two fish fries, tried out my Lancaster Perch sauce on one meal and it went over big.

Such a beautiful area, we were the only group on the lake, no other outpost camp had people at them so it was very quiet.

Turns out Jim's Road was completely washed out so all the resources were there fixing the road so our road on the way out was no better.

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