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Minkota trolling motor quit!

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I have an older minnkota 24v powerdrive. Ran fine past 17 years 0r so. Went to run it last weekend and no go. Batteries are good installed a new breaker, prop spins freely . It has power all the way to the junction box on the motor itself. The battery gage doesn't work. Are these motors serviceable ? Or am I better off buying a new one? I have attached a picture of the Serial number can anyone tell me what year and possible parts I'd need?

Also does anyone have any recommendations of a individual that can fix them? 


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+1 for Aikman’s. However fair warning, the trolling motors of that vintage typically are not repairable of replacement controls are required. Repairing is nearly not cost effective.

however yours just not working at all is better than the head no longer turning on direction or not being able to adjust speed as they are signs that’s the controls have failed.


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not saying it will work for you, but I had a powerdrive that conked out last year. Found a webpage that gave me a weird sequence of events...involved rotating the prop manually etc etc and no word of a lie it started up again. Been fine ever since. Something about some magnets or something...no clue what I was doing but it works again

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On 6/20/2024 at 3:20 PM, John Bacon said:

Boat Tech in Pickering services the motors.  But at 17 years, I would probably replace it.

Grant Mills is your man. He is right on top of Minn Kota.

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Fantastic thanks folks. I have decided to wait and just buy a new one. Maybe even a new used. Thanks for all your thoughts.


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