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Trail cam pics

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Hundreds or whitetail  pics and a very unusual one losing its winter coat to the likes that I have never seen before. I've been around whitetail deer my whole life but this is really different. It must have looked like a sheep prior to shedding. Pic of a Pine Marten, my favorite little critter, A pair of Ravens, Ravens, with luck on their side can live to 70 years and like a lot of other birds they mate for life and a gorgeous wolf. And my 80 year buddy just of this morning managed to get that ugly piece of black trim off some type of machine out of the ground from decades ago that's been spoiling my pics.  It is very disappointing to say the least one camera, brand new out of the box on a well used moose trail never took a single pic. I also got some awesome videos of moose with another cam but unfortunately I can't post them. When I try to the computer pulls up a screen I know nothing about. I hope yous enjoy what little I got. Not all in order obviously.









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