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Good to see the OMNR patrolling fly-ins


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Seems like a waste of time and great expense , with all the local crime that could be patrolled 

I say that as a person who had the mnr raid our cabin when I was at a fly in lake 

of course they found nothing wrong with us and left empty handed 

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I had them fly in on a moose hunt. We were in a boat out on a lake and they dropped out of the sky like a rock. 

We could see them watching us with binoculars and they landed fairly close (not dangerously) to the boat.

First thing he said was

"Let's see your guns" 

"Sorry guys, we tagged out yesterday, all we got is fishing rods"

"Let's see the life jackets, ok you're good"

We had a long chat with them and away they went. Usually (not always, I've had a run-in) they are good guys and it didn't bother me at all. 

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