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Lake Superior provincial park

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Hi everyone, going to be camping Lake Superior PP for 7 days sept 2-sept 9. Never been to the area. I’m reading that most lakes in the park have lake trout, Splake and brookies, however just wondering if there are any opportunities to catch bass and pike from shore or from a Canoe in any lakes within the park? Also any recommendations for lakes to fish from a canoe for the trout would be appreciated. I was considering fishing Mijinemungshing Lake For lake trout one day as I’ve read good things. Are the trout in these lakes deep this time of the year like in Algonquin and temagami etc or close to the surface in these colder lakes? Don’t expect any hot spots or anything, just general recommendations etc. feel free to pm me. Thanks in advance for any help, much appreciated!

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I've had better luck fishing the tribs than the lakes in the Park...migratories and residents

I don't know of any Bass and Pike lakes in the Park, but I haven't spent much time trying the flat water..Although lots of options for those species north of the park around Wawa, and north-east of the Soo.

Trout will still be deep until the lakes turnover in a month or so.


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