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I heard on the news last night that the province of Quebec is at the point where they have to decide who gets fire assistance and who they have to let burn. Abitibi has been chosen as a priority for the province and a little hamlet called Clova has been left to mother nature.

Clova is the jump off point for Air Tamarac, https://tamarac.ca. 

I was there about four years ago, the 300 km logging road in was a grind, but the facilities and fishing was fantastic. It is a family run business and I am hoping that the fire misses them as it would devastate them.

Good thoughts to the folks in Clova!


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Clova also is, or was, the home port for at least one of the houseboat rentals on the Gouin Reservoir.  And a main access point for the Gouin.  Yes, the road in is a teeth-rattler.


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