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Pike Lake Suggestions...

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Hey Gang,

 I was just wondering if anyone can suggest some good pike lakes within an hour or so from Toronto for a day trip of fishing? Looking forward to getting out in my fishing kayak to get some action! I know Simcoe is a popular lake, but looking for a body of water that isn't so big. 

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you, Glenn

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You don't even have to leave TO...inside of the Leslie St spit has plenty of Pike with a shot at a 40

Other than that...within an hour of downtown ? A lot of the Conservation Areas have lakes with decent populations of hammer-handles.

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For conservation areas within an hour Mountsburg close to Guelph or Island Lake in Orangeville. These places get hammered pretty hard so expect a pressured fishery and plenty of hammer handles. 

If you’re willing to stretch the drive to 1.5-2 hours to the Kawartha’s, namely, Canal, Mitchell and Balsam Lakes hold some good pike. 


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