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Bass Pro Shops Spring Fishing Classic, Vaughan?


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Does anyone know when this sale starts? I haven't been in years but i knew it was generally around now. I called them as I can't see the flyer for the Canadian website (goes to Cabela's) and they told me they dont' know when it starts. Appreciate any info on when it might have been last year, or if any one might have any clues about this year's sale. Thanks. 

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I read the rod and Reel trade in started.  It’s not as big as it was before up here in my opinion.  The US stores still make it a big deal, since the pandemic the spring fishing classic for Canada has been lackluster.  Usually this is the time I take advantage to stock up on baits my local tackle stores don’t carry.  I haven’t seen the same level of sales they had before.  I’ve been watching out, I have a feeling it won’t be a big deal.  This current flyer ends by the 12th.  Let’s see what happens.

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