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Any one up for some smoked cheddar?

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Looks good!!!

When I smoke cheese I get a 3'X3' cardboard box. Poke 5/16" wood dowels through the box to hold the mesh grill. I then put the hose of my smoke generator into the bottom of the box. The box temperature doesn't get any more than 70-80 degrees but smoke like the devil. The last time I smoked some cheese, was on the deck of my trailer. One of my friends came running over thinking the deck was on fire. LOL


PS: Got the idea of making a smoke generator courtesy of Big Cliff posting that he made one and explained it uses. Thanks Cliff.

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Hi Dan, Thanks very much to you and Big Cliff for that. Great idea. I did this in my electric masterbuilt smoker. I can keep the temp pretty low without melting it and still gets lots of smoke. For this one I mixed hickory and apple. I can understand your friends concern seeing the smoke coming from your trailer deck. LOL. 

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