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3 Hour window before the winds picked up


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I love this wind site. It is so accurate.


I had 3 hours to get a fish in and wasted no time. Lots of bait on the bottom. I love this. For one thing,it brings big fish around,also,when you see the bait lift off the bottom or start to go away from the screen,that big fish is around. First fish was on so fast. The bait was like gone in seconds and the first white just smashed the new meegs elite. About an hour later,bait starts to rise off the bottom. Wait for it,wait,there you are. Sticks around,goes up and smashes the high hook mayfly larvae. I just tied this one this morning . Reports of bellies full of these going around. Not sure how it still worked as the herring were putting a beating on it.

Right on time,9:15 the winds started,snow started. Off I got a happy feller.


Lots of ice







Before and after,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,







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I had FORGOTTEN about your mayfly larva and bloodworm mini-flies.  😲  So I just rectified that and we shall see if the perch like them tomorrow.  Last time out, they really wanted a big minnow.  But if they come in to the buffet and don't feel like a meal, maybe they will go for the snack!  Thanks for the reminder.  (And please wish me luck!)


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