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Spring Fishing Show or Sportsman Show?

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Both the Spring Fishing Show and Sportsman Show are significant events for outdoor enthusiasts. If you're more into fishing, the Spring Fishing Show might be a better fit, but if you're interested in a broader range of outdoor activities, the Sportsman Show might be the way to go. It depends on your interests. Either way, you'll have a great time and learn a lot. Consider buying fishing equipment or Hunting Gear Clearance in advance. Have fun!

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It costs outfitters a lot of money to exhibit at shows. Apart from paying for their travel to the show, and paying for their display space, they also have to pay for a week or so of living in a nearby hotel, and eating virtually every single meal at nearby restaurants. All of this costs money, and since these are often family-owned businesses to begin with, it's hard for them to then start chopping prices on their only way of earning that money back and putting some cash in their jeans. 


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