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New fangled LED lighting

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I was looking to replace a couple of std fixtures in the house when I noticed these. I was quite puzzled at first on the "how" of installing these. I think I've figured that out but my question is 'why'? Seems like 1 type fits inside a pot light housing with a wire and a fitting that screws into the socket where a bulb is normally installed. Given that one can buy LED floodlight bulbs, what's the advantage of using these? I am guessing long life---supposedly 45 years. I'm a senior and don't expect to live that long. For the younger folks, do you really expect to be in that house for 45 yrs? The second type that I saw seemed to be a replacement for normal ceiling fixtures. It looks like I would need to remove the junction box so I can push the housing fixture into the ceiling so that it is flush mounted. I guess I can see where that would be a sleer look so that it's similar to a pot light with no fixture hanging down. Otherwise, I don't see any advantage. Comments? TIA 

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I'm not familiar with that style of led lights. Back in 2013 after a house fire I replaced most of all the ceiling lights in the house with 11" led lights that were flush mounts that still mounted using the standard electrical boxes. There are similar lights that use your standard incandescent bulbs. In 9 years I've had 3 go wonky as they started to flicker for a good while before dying out. Pretty sure it was something on the circuit boards but they make them so they can't be taken apart. Makes a big difference in my hydro bill which along with a switch to propane furnace, hot water tank and gas range really help. Don't really use my dryer at all either, it's a clothes line outside in the summer and indoor racks in front of the wood stove in the winter. We also try to use off peak hours as much as possible. Due to a low family income I also get a monthly $40 reduction on my hydro bill which really helps too. Saying that my hydro bill last month was $30, that's for a 2500 sq.ft. home.

So if your goal is to save money by switching to led lights I say go for it. I can't say how much overall they drop my bill but no doubt it makes a big difference.


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