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Proposed reg changes in Algoma


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1 hour ago, BillM said:

That guy doesn't sound too bright. 

Should probably know a thing or two about the sport before talking about it.   

I agree. Not sure how he or that organization has come to represent and be the voice of anglers.

Just another note...a pet peeve of mine. I know its common for us anglers to call fishing a sport, but we tread on dangerous waters. A "sport" can easily be banned through legislation. Nevermind the  "anti's" trying to ban it by arguing we're depleting a resource...or even with catch & release that we're harassing and torturing living things for fun or sport.

Angling should be defined by us as a "cultural activity".  My grandfather fished, my father fished, my kids fish, my grandchildren fish...it's part of my family's "culture ". Culture is protected by the Constitution, sport is not. It's also why we should always eat some (selective harvest) of our catch. Again, It's my family's heritage to eat wild caught fish.

I know this all sounds kind of esoteric given that we live in Canada which has long storied history of fishing and hunting...but just look at what's happening in Europe, where in Germany catch & release fishing has been banned outright since the late '90's. A few P3TA types get into political office, and it quickly becomes a slippery slope.

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