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Looking for a new floater suit.


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Hello, I'm in the market for a new ice fishing suit...  Have a one piece now, but it's starting to go..   saw this online ( WindRider Ice Fishing Suit ) and it looks pretty good.  Never thought about a two piece suit, so any pros or cons to either would be welcomed.


Angler Joe


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I wore a one piece suit for about 25 years and thought it was the best way to go 

then I got a two piece and realized I was wrong in every way 

a two piece is more comfortable  you don’t condensation in it 

you can remove the jacket if you start to warm up too much

and farts don’t slowly escape out the top

of the zipper just 6 inches under your nose 

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As much as people say two pieces are the way to go, a top of the line one piece allows you to pop off the jacket and wear the suspender system so that your jacket is still with you while you get warm working drilling holes, walking etc

there is no suit warmer than a 1 piece. And if you go through the ice (which I have) you’ll be happy that your one piece isn’t allowing a single breath of that warmth out of your body. 

i made the investment in a Salus odyssey suit and have never looked back.

pros - it’s the ultimate survival suit, you are effectively a super ice soldier while wearing the thing, it’s like impenetrable armour against the elements. Has pockets for everything, even spots for your picks on the exterior of your suit. (Technically for flairs while sailing) a built in winch system so someone could haul you out by your full body weight. 

has an incredible suspender system in it that is more than just two buckle straps.

they actually make just the coat if you go that route. 

canadian made in Waterloo, I even had a factory defect in some of the stitching near my crotch and brought it to them and they completely repaired and reinforced the area for me.


cons - it’s heavy admittedly, wearing that much armour comes at the cost of some weight. That’s what you get though with a suit that literally is impossible to get cold wearing. Ive taken that suit out in -35 in the wind and haven’t felt a single bit of cold. My hands and feet might suffer but not once have I felt cold wearing the thing.

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I have my 1pc Mustang and been using it for years, happy.  End of season sale on an FXR floater (labled F.A.S.T.) last year so I will be trying it out this season.  If I find it cool in anyway I can add my heated (battery powered) vest that I have for when out on the motorcycle's.  I like the idea of a 2pc for the whole jacket wide open or off in the hut.  

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Once you are old and arthritic, you will appreciate a two piece suit.  And unless you are nick-named Horsey, you might find that it is easier to take a leak when wearing a two piece suit.  (I am thinking here of male anglers...)

Salus has top-notch stuff, and they are Canadian as mentioned above.  I have their floater bibs, and an older Canadian navy surplus top.  When that top's time is done, I will be buying a Salus top to replace it.

I have not tried the FXR floater stuff, but have a pair of their rain pants (bibs) and I am delighted with them.

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Hey, thanks all for the replies.  Will be looking for the two piece, as I'm getting up there in years like akashag above!  LOL.

I'm heading to the ice fishing show this Sunday.  Will hopefully be able to see some units, and decide if I'm getting one there...

Thanks again

Angler Joe. 




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