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nice weekend for fishing..


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I fish a haliburton lake that is stocked. Opened 12 months


alsi thinking of head lake in Hali - never tried it. Muskie bass and Wallys I think


alternative would be Cameron on the kawarthas 

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Didn't get out! Falling cleanup! leaves everywhere so will try to get out another day before it turns really cold


I might hit Cameron.  Never fished it and hear its great for musky.. and many other species. 

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6 hours ago, BillM said:

I'd be fishing smallies right now.   Probably the easiest and most plentiful to catch at this time of year.

Interesting.. I guess they are fattening up before the cold.. Would you focus on deeper water?  Shoals?  Weeds? shallow?  Suspended?  Ig guess it could be dependent on the weather... Thanks 

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We got over 100 big Smallies the past 3 days.  All 25 to 40 ft deep on fast breaking transitions from shallow feeding flats to the deepest parts of the main lake basin.  You're basically looking for the "elevators" adjacent to the any remaining green weeds (especially Cabbage) or boulder fields. Water temp was 52f.


Most fish came on dropshots with minnow imitations in natural colours...this was a clear water lake. MaxScent FlatWorms in Black Shiner and Z-Man Jerk Shads in Smelt got most of the bites.


This is my favourite time of year for big brown fish. 



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