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We are having a regular Fall season this year, some warm days and some cooler. Despite the ridiculously wet spring the grouse are numerous. I finally got out the last week to shoot a few, took a rod along too to shore fish.



my son took his Hunter’s and Firearms course this spring and we got out for the first time yesterday. He’s a very good fisherman but just not really into it, he loves hunting though. He’s using a .22 I got for him for his Birthday, neither of us are used to it yet, and while we managed 5 shots at birds yesterday we alas ended up birdless, but he loved it and is pumped to go again.



 Can’t wait for him to get his first bird!

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On 11/28/2022 at 3:15 PM, Rattletrap2 said:

Simon, You are indeed blessed to have hunting and Walleye fishing so close at hand! I was curious as to what gun you were using as well? Like Gino said, I thought maybe a .410, but I am not familiar enough with them.


Yup , a broken old .410 I was given 8 years ago. My son has a .22

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