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FG Knot Tool


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For the last dozen years (for a lot of my presentations) I've been using a braid mainline and a FluoroCarbon leader. For most finesse and bottom contact applications, I find this gives me the best of both worlds...the sensitivity, no-stretch, and casting distance of braid, with the invisibility and abrasion resistance of FC.

Over the years, I've tried many different knots to make the braid/FC connection...Double Uni, Albright, Crazy Alberto, etc. All these knots work...however, once I tried the FG knot, I was sold. It's definitely the slimmest knot by far (no annoying tick-tick-tick as it flies through the guides), and virtually every knot comparison test that I've seen rates it as the strongest braid to FC connection. I've used the FG confidently from 8lb NanoFil to 6lb FC...right up to 80lb PowerPro to 120lb FC.

However, the biggest issue I had with the FG was tying it. There are several manual methods of tying it  from loading your rod and holding the braid in your teeth, to making a cats cradle with your hand. It's all about keeping the right tension on the braid. For me...with aging eyes and arthritic fingers...it was always a challenge...especially in a rocking boat, with the wind blowing, at dusk...well you get it. Most importantly, even though I eventually got it done, it was the time it took away from having a line in the water when the bite was on.

A few weeks ago, I came across the "Daichi FG Knot Assist Tool 2.0". It's a fairly simple device...that elicits a "why didn't I think of that" response. I can now tie a FG in less than 2 minutes even in the dark. I got one on Amazon for $30...worth every penny.

This video by JP DeRose will explain it better than I can:

There are a bunch of other videos on YouTube describing it too. Even with the tool, it initially may seem quite complicated...but after a few tries it's as easy as making a few half-hitches. Although not necessary, I do recommend the "Rizutto Finish"...again, much easier than it looks.

Anyway, I highly recommend this product...and if you haven't tried the FG knot...once you fish with it, you'll want to use nothing else.

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HMMMM, I use the FG knot a ton.

A tool would be awesome. Earlier this month in Alaska I had to retie after a breakoff and trying to tie an FG knot the old school way in a bouncing boat in the wind and snow was painful!!! 😜

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