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A trip to remember

Big Cliff

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A few weeks ago Madjack contacted me regarding an opportunity to go on a trip to Temple Bay Lodge up near Dryden. I  decided to go and boy am I glad I did.

First I have never been on a fishing trip that was better organized; Everything from where we would eat, at what time, to who would drive and when was pre planned. Jack didn't miss a thing, motels and restraunts had all been carefully chosen based on years of experience.  

The lodge was wonderful, we did the American plan and the portions were huge, in fact we had to ask that they gave us half portions because we just couldn't eat everything and neither of us like to see food going to waste. 

The fishing was incredible, walleye, lake trout, bass, pike, muskie, and perch, and the numbers were nuts. 

The guides were the best I have ever seen,  knowledgeable,  competent,  attentive,  I have never been treated that well ever before.  I have been fishing for a long time but these guys taught me a lot! They are truly pros! 

Anyway,  this trip will be one filled with wonderfull memories and set the standard for trips to come. 


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When the recollection of a trip is so positive; just shows that good things come to good people and good people (Madjack) are willing to share their opportunities. A shot of Crown to  everyone that participated in this adventure. I just toasted the computer screen. LOL


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Cliff you were almost staying in my backyard,we spend 6 months of the year about 5 miles from Temple Bay,it is a very nice well run operation.We are going there tomorrow night for an Octoberfest pub night.

Glad you enjoyed your stay and our beautiful part of the country

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