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A NUNAVUT NOMAD VIII. The Ivitarulik "Red"emption.


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Combining work with this insane want to fish summer's Arctic char often requires a tonne of planning and plenty of luck.  It's never once been a given to just show up in Nunavut and have all things laid out just right for the fishing.  Timing is everything, location key, experience golden and confidence a must but still, the monkey wrenches that got thrown into all my big plans were seemingly too much this time around.  But yet in the end, having the stars align for just that one right chance, it made for an experience never to be forgotten.  Char fishing is the culmination of entirely who I am and what I do for a living, there are few fish that give me the same rush.  Blessed to have worked a long time and find a job that allows for such amazing fishing opportunities in the Arctic.   

Link on in for some northern exposure.





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A wonderful read.

Looking at the pictures of those beautifully coloured fish I feel envious.

However as you explain so well, you make sacrifices to have the opportunity of catching them.

I selfishly hope you aren't demoralized to the point of giving up your northern adventures. 

The patients you see while there surely feel that way too, even if lots of them act like jerks.

Thank you again for your time and effort to share with us.

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17 hours ago, the spirit of fishing said:

I selfishly hope you aren't demoralized to the point of giving up your northern adventures. 

No not there, not yet, will not likely happen either. Two decades of working in the north I have been the "white man" since day one and many, many, many, many, many times been on the receiving end of racism, nurse abuse or whatever.  I don't take it personally, however once finding some communities worse than others, rather than risk my license or losing my red-headed temper too often, it's best just to move on to other places that don't have or have less of the same issues. This particular place however, there's something wrong with a few too many people but, the fishing is really gooooood! lol. 


7 hours ago, glen said:

 I don’t know what’s farther away the north or the people of the north.  

The furthest place I go, Grise Fiord in the highest Arctic, well, it seems the most down to earth. ;) So you just never know ti'll ya go.

Thanks for reading guys!

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