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I love catching them They fight really well. Sometimes you see them with their head buried into the bottom in springtime. When they are in that position it usually indicates that they have found a nest of fish eggs and are chowing down on it. Lots of fishermen hate them because they do eat fish eggs but that's part of nature imo. I caught one once that was bright chartreuse on its underside. Looked like a cartoon fish.

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On 9/19/2022 at 4:36 PM, Beans said:

The one I caught in Frenchman's Bay near the little bridge in open water was a more greenier color...The ling I ate was from Lady Simcoe... I was told it was like poor man's lobster so I gave it a try...can't remember if I cooked it or my first wife R.I.P.

Spawning male bowfin often have a lot of green on them.

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