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18 inches of Cork


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I'm currently elbow deep in a sliding ring handle, I will state openly that I much prefer highly customized fixed reel seats over sliding ring handles on lengths as long as this one.

20.25"s is the finished handle length, sanded free hand to 1" OD.

Shown dry fit on all thread. Let the gluing begin.  ;)


John Cooper 1.jpg

John Cooper 2.jpg

John Cooper 3.jpg

John Cooper 4.jpg

John Cooper 5.jpg

John Cooper 6.jpg

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15 hours ago, misfish said:

1" seems pretty skinny. Why the long handle? My fixed seat is 6" butt, 7 1/2" front. Going fix seat, has been great now. The short butt does not get caught up in my under arm, it just sits in the crotch of it.

1" is pretty normal sliding ring diameter Brian, in fact the factory rods are thinner at 0.926"
As for length, that too is pretty standard on 13' rods (18.5" - 20"). I did turn the 18"s of cork before I knew what I was doing to trim it off at the ends so it can be shortened for the customer if desired, that's easier than lengthening it.

If I were to drop in a fixed reel seat (5"s) with a rear grip of 6"s that would leave the fore grip of 9"s, not all out of place for a float rod.   ;)

And yes, shorter rear grips are definitely the way to go, nothing should stick out beyond your elbow.  :D

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