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Looking to buy some live lobster

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I am looking to buy some live lobster between 15 to 25 lbs depending on the price. I would prefer 1- 1 1/2 lb size and female if I can choose. I  might be able to go as much as 50 lbs depending on price. Need them delivered to lindsay or pick up in the GTA. Anyone got connections or trusted sources?

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Used to have a contact in NB. A friends brother fished lobster, packed them in seaweed, put them on AC and we could pick them up from Pearson early afternoon. No ice to add weight to the transport charges. Don't think I have his contact any more but will check. We could order both markets and canners or a mix.

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Lobsters are tricky. Can’t tell how meaty they are. Went to lobster supper in Cavendish PEI last September. A good looking 1.5 lb one came to the table. The claws were only 1/2 full of meat. Rest was water.   I complained and was told that’s a typical fall lobster. Not sure if that’s true. He said they grow into their shells. But They often sit in pounds and lose weight.   Best ones I’ve ever had were in June in PEI. 

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