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8" + pike lure can I avoid SOFT rubber/plastic?


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Soft rubber and plastic definitely have advantages but I am trying to avoid buying something easily damaged.

I don't want to hurt my wallet so much either and I am guessing I don't need to change up lures so much to hit on the right one for the day but I could be wrong.

I have a few musky lures orange big jake, a couple of suick styled ones. Large 4" + buck tail length spinners.

Any lure suggestions for slow 8"+ baits?   

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  • Podric changed the title to 8" + pike lure can I avoid SOFT rubber/plastic?

Lots of choices in smaller Musky hard baits beyond Jakes and Suicks...however non are cheap:

Believers, Triple D's, Super Shad Raps, Super Shadow Rap, SaltWater X-Raps, Producers, Raiders, Ernie's, Chaos Minis...to name a few

With bucktails...I always have a rod ready to go with Double CowGirls...there's something about the Esox species and spinners..

Also don't overlook spoons for Pike...a large Williams Whitefish hammered gold/silver tipped with a 4" curly tail grub has put countless big snot rockets in the net for me...

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You can get inexpensive plastics that work great. 

I caught many big pike with the Zoom Magnum Super Fluke (7") and 6"/8" curly tail grubs from Kalins/BassPro. The BassPro Shops grubs are reasonably priced. Look for the saltwater version as well. Same plastic, but just a few different colours. I fish these weightless with a single hook on a solid wire leader, but can easily add a bit of weight when needed. The BPS Offshore Angler Shad aren't too badly priced as well (watch for a sale).

Once the water gets a bit warmer, spoons are my go to. So easy to fish and they basically last forever. The Yellowbird Doctor Spoon (4.5"),  Len Thompson Original/Platinum No. 4 (1 1/8 oz) and the Dimpled Series No.16 (1 2/5oz) work great for me.  Williams and Eppinger have a lot of options as well. I have even used Salmon spoons with great success - they just don't cast as far due to the weight.

Flies can be fun to fish with as well. You don't need a fly rod to use them either, as you can use a spin bubble if you have trouble casting them.

Inline spinners and spinnerbaits are great too. Tons of options.

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