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Any Canal Lake tips? Heading up next week

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Having a great time on Lake Ontario in deep water, but renting a week on Canal next week instead of the usual Balsam.

I have some experience on Canal but it was a few years back. I remember weed patches etc. and not deep… (could be wrong).

Will be chasing The usual pike/bass etc.

Any tips appreciated, looks like rain mainly…

Thanks ahead.


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Shallow and weedy, deepest parts are in the marked channel. 

For bass, weighted senkos in any pocket you can find.

Pike love the spinnerbaits, chartreuse works well. 



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Sorry, didn’t update.

With ReefRunners help I had a decent time on Canal. We ended up with 7-9 3 lbs. bass and 1 @ 4lbs. Nothing huge but definitely a bass lake and they are there if you know where to look ( 6-8 ft edge of weeds for us ).

Only 1 pike surprisingly…


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