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Fishing Magnetewan River (Via Harris Lake)


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Hey folks,


We are heading up to this area this weekend.  I want to know if the Magnetewan can be accessed from Harris Lake (Wallbridge/Parry Sound)?  I am looking at the maps and the narrows to access the river seems very "narrow"! Not sire if a 16' boat can go through especially at this time of the year.  We intend to camp along that stretch of river as there is crown camping there but I've never been up there.  Otherwise we will have to find somewhere else, although Harris Lake may have crown camping as well, which is an option. 



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On 8/17/2022 at 10:35 AM, siwash said:

I've heard the bass fishing is decent.. and pike. Assuming walleye will be thought bite unless we are out at night. 

Are there a lot of rock hazards?



its very "shieldy" in that area...idle everywhere until you find your safe path.

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Just cam back. All small mouth. One tiny pike. Biggest Amalie was about 2lbs. Lots of little guys. Good fun and beautiful place.  Rock hazards were not too bad. But definitely need to watch it especially near the points as they extended out pretty shallow. 

nice area - semi remote wilderness not too far from home. 

I'll post pic of the biggest small mouth once my buddy shares it. 

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Pics from trip.. the site was furnished for us! Amazing. Does the ministry do this? I've seen sites with some basic prep tables, maybe a bench. This one had a toilet that was better than what I have a home!  Anyone know what animal that is? Bear or canine? 









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