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Charging batteries I just bought..


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I’ve always charged at the highest amp rating, and used the trickle for occasional maintenance.   Shag is not wrong, we recently got a smart charger for the place up north and it’s pretty sweet, but sometimes you have to dance with what brung you!

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4 hours ago, akaShag said:

a buddy who is an electrician says use the highest amps you have for charging deep cycle batteries.

But I would buy an intelligent battery charger that shuts off when the battery is fully charged..............


I'll check out the intelligent charger... So could you "over charge" with what I got?  No risk of damage? 

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1 hour ago, siwash said:

Any recommendations for a good charger (under $100 preferably)? 

CTC has their Nautilus charger on this week at $91.99.  I bought one yesterday:



I had bought this one, but it did not work and I returned it:



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