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Mustad swivels.


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Yes, I agree..the "Stay-Lok" snaps are a pain.

However, a couple of things...I wouldn't use a swivel on a crankbait, just the snap. I feel the swivel is unnecessary on a non-rotating lure and detracts from the action. Secondly, if I am using a swivel, I always use a ball-bearing type..just had too many of those barrel swivels freeze up and cause me grief....buts that's just me.

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Buy the smallest torpedo swivels that are available, all of your frustrations will melt away.  I’ve even landed some angry kings on them so I know they out-hit their weight category!  I don’t use a lot of torpedo products but their swivels are the best available at the moment in my opinion!

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Use bearing swivel.

Use a few foot of mono lead from the swivel to the lure.  This setup also allows for spoons and spinners.

Use a loop knot like the instructions that came with the lure said to do.

If you must use a swivel....I would go for something that ends in a smooth loop.

If you are super organized and have lots of time you can add mono leads to all your lures and snap them on.  You may be envied.

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