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$%#&! Government!

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Since I officially became an old fart I no longer need to keep up on license requirements, so this current policy is probably new to me. We will be having 2 guests with us on our vacation, (starts Saturday) and they need to purchase fishing licenses before we go. It used to be straightforward; pay your fee, get a piece of paper to prove it, go fishing, wait for Outdoors Card in mail. 

Well, looks like they've changed that. I'm reading that you pay your fee, and then have to wait until the card comes before you can fish. WHAT?! If they have the money, why should a person have to wait? Am I misreading what is on the government (spit) web site, or is that really the procedure? 

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Read, take a breath and read again, this is copied from the current MNRF Regs, page 6.

Fishing Regulations Summary 20226
Recreational Fishing Licence Information
Below are rules and regulations for fishing in Ontario.
Please read the following section carefully.

Most people require a Recreational Fishing Licence
or deemed licence to legally fish in Ontario. You
must carry your Outdoors Card or Licence Summary
whenever you are fishing. If requested, you must
present these documents to a conservation officer.

Licence Summary: A document that lists all valid
fishing and hunting licences. The Licence Summary
can be either a printed copy or saved as a digital
format, or the box printed on the back of your
Outdoors Card indicating a 3- or 1-year fishing


Now go fish.

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As a family we vacationed in Temagami last week in July and my daughter did her license on line on the Thursday night before leaving and was able to print a copy at the end right after paying. That paper sat in my boat all week and I think it’s still there

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Even if you don't have a hard copy or a digital one on your phone with you it's no big deal. As long as you've gone on the website and paid.

Last week, 3 of us were fishing in my boat. A pair of friendly female Conservation Officers pulled along side us. They asked to see our safety equipment, my Boating Card, and all our fishing licenses. They also asked me to open my livewell. All good, except my one buddy had left his Outdoors Card and phone back at the cottage....which he apologized for, but he insisted he did have a valid license which he purchased on-line. The CO asked for his name, date of birth and address...we assumed she was going to write him a ticket. Nope...she got on her phone called in to her office (this was a Sunday), got the admin to search the data base,  and verified my buddy did indeed have an up-to-date licence. They wished us luck and went on their merry way.

Very pleasant government employees who just wanted to make sure we were safe, and went out of their way not to fine us.

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20 minutes ago, CrowMan said:

Very pleasant government employees who just wanted to make sure we were safe, and went out of their way not to fine us.

It also means less paperwork for them, and avoids effort confiscating gear, and time stuck in a courtroom giving evidence. Smart way to do it. 

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I take friends and neighbors salmon fishing all the time.  I just get them to buy a one day license on-line.  Sometimes even on the boat as we are heading out.  Couldn't be more simple IMO.

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